SJTU 2024 Global Summer School & Summer Research Internship Program

This summer, SJTU (Shanghai Jiaotong University, China) invite you to enhance your academic credentials, advance your career, and explore your interests. 


1. The 2024 Global Summer School

The 2024 Global Summer School provides excellent opportunities for students to learn about China through academic and cultural immersion. A wide range of courses in various disciplines, local excursions, cultural activities will be provided. Students will learn more about Chinese culture, history, politics, and the latest developments in the country. Join the program this summer and discover how SJTU can help you realize your potential!

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A. Students from overseas, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student prior to applying for this program.

B. Students from non-English speaking countries should provide an English language proficiency certificate. Either an IELTS (no less than 6.0), TOEFL (no less than 79 points), or TOEIC (no less than 800 points). If you are studying in a fully English taught program, you must provide the relevant certificate.

C. Other prerequisites may be required by each course.



· S021 Plant Development and Future Agriculture

· S022 Exploring Sustainability: Understanding Global Challenges and Promoting Responsible Actions

· S023 Reduced Order Models, Data Assimilation and Digital Twins

· S024 Metaverse Creative Practice Schedule

In addition to the excellent lectures, you will also experience welcome reception, cultural events, filed trips, unique cultural experiences and integration with local students.

Lectures will be held in the morning, and field trips or company visits will be arranged during the afternoons from Monday to Thursday. The Chinese language and culture courses will be conducted every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. There are no classes on Fridays. Cultural trips will be arranged on weekends.



July 1st, 2024 ~ July 14th,2024


2 Credits


Official transcripts will be sent out in September by email you indicated in your application.

Students who wish to transfer credits need to obtain pre-approval from the relevant authorities at your home universities.


An official certificate will be issued to the student who completes the course by the University.



Application fee RMB 400(USD 60)

Tuition fee RMB 5000(USD 760)

Total RMB 5400(USD 820)

Payment deadline 2024.5.30

The culture trip fee is not included in the tuition fee.



The 2024 Global Summer School will be held at Minhang campus. Students can choose on-campus or off-campus accommodation.

For on-campus accommodation, room reservations should be made online at in June and the accommodation fee paid online.

For more information, please contact the International Student Service Center

Minhang Campus:



Application Process

Please apply via the following website :


Creat an ID and passwrod

Complete Online Application (by Aprill 30)

Receive your result within two weeks after completing your application

Payment (by May 30)

Online Application Deadline

May 30, 2024



You will be noticed of the result through our website, and an email within two weeks of completing the application.

* If the number of participants is less than 20 students, the course will be cancelled. If this is the case, students will be noticed via the website by the 30th of May, 2024. Students have two course selections when filling out the online application, if the first course is cancelled, the applicant will be automatically reassigned to the second course.

Please check the website for the updated version of the schedule for each course, also pay attention to the refund policy.






2. SJTU Summer Research Internship Program

The SJTU Summer Research Internship Program offers excellent undergraduate students from all around the world the opportunity to spend a summer studying at world-class research laboratories alongside prominent research professors. It will prepare undergraduate students for further studies through intensive research experience with faculty mentors and enrichment activities.

In addition, participants will develop their research skills by enjoying lectures with topics such as “How to Write a Research Essay” and “How to Cooperate in a Project”. Participants will also learn about Chinese language and culture, which will enhance their intercultural awareness and communication.

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A. Students from overseas (Non-Chinese Citizens), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao are eligible to apply.

B. Students must have completed at least one year of an undergraduate program and be currently enrolled as an undergraduate.

C. Hold at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale or equivalent.

D. Students from non-English speaking countries must provide an English language proficiency certificate: an IELTS with a score of no less than 6.0 or a TOEFL with a score of no less than 78 points. If you are studying in a fully English-taught program, you must provide the relevant certificates.

E. Additional requirements vary per laboratory.


Project Information

· Mechanical Engineering

· Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering

· Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering

· Materials Science and Engineering

· Environmental Science and Engineering

· Biomedical Engineering

· Aeronautics and Astronautics

· Physics

· Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

· Oceanography

· Life Sciences and Biotechnology

· Agriculture and Biology

· Pharmacy

· Medicine

· Systems Biomedicine

· Translational Medicine

· Tsung-Dao Lee Institute

· Design


· China-UK Low Carbon

· SJTU Paris Elite Institute of Technology

What Participants will receive from this program?

· Knowledge of the top research projects in China

· The opportunity to work with top Chinese professors, fellows, and students

· A good basis for a career in academic research

· The opportunity to co-author a scientific paper

· Exposure to Chinese language and culture

· A rewarding and unforgettable experience in China 


July 1, 2024- August 11, 2024


3 SJTU Credits


Official transcripts will be sent in September 2024 to the mailing address that you have provided in the application. Students who wish to transfer credits need to obtain pre-approval from the relevant authorities at their home universities.


After completing the program and submitting the final report, participants will receive an official certificate from the university.


Application fee RMB 400(USD 60)


Application Process

Please apply through the website:


Creat an account on the application portal

Complete Online Application (By May 30)

Receive the result on the website (Within 2 weeks after applying)

Confirmation of admission on the website (By May 30)

Online Application Deadline

May 30, 2024


You will be notified of the results through our website and receive an email confirming the receipt of your application within two weeks of submission.